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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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you cute.

even if you think you’re not.

you still cute.

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STOP. This is the police, you’re under arrest for being too cute. Now, put your hands where I can hold them.

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a porn blog reblogged one of my selfies my only question is why

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Why the fuck is sexuality so important to everyone? →


Like who CARES who I like or who I don’t or what I like or what I don’t or who I wanna be with or love like why is everyone so fascinated by something so private and individual! They are my feelings, my wants, your feelings, your wants..why do we have to label everything and turn it all into a…

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You knew she was a poet by how worn she looked. She saw the demons of the world for what they were; human.

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I left you because I couldn’t handle it anymore- the empty eyes, the blank expressions, the way you talk about everything like it’s nothing. I’d never felt more alone than I did when I was with you. You thought I left out of boredom? I left out of loneliness. I needed someone to love me, and you never could.
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